Enriching Engagement at Point of Care


Liberate is innovating patient engagement to improve the educational outcomes.

Engaging patients with insights about their disease and treatment that are conversational and contextual. Liberate provides healthcare providers options to meet their educational needs:

• Detailed decks for over 1,000 medications, more than 97% of the most frequently prescribed and multiple languages.
• Detailed infographic condition roadmaps for providers to engage patients in a meaningful conversation in multiple languages.
• AudibleRX provides audible overviews of nearly 300 medications to provide a consistent message to patients of the drug, dosage and side effects.
• Videos that describe disease and conditions as well demonstrating proper medication administration techniques.
• Liberate Pro can easily integrate with any EMR, telemedicine platform or pharmacy system.

Liberate Health

Has built up a loyal healthcare providers user group across many specialties actively engaging their patients in deeper education conversations that help address the health literacy gap.

The Liberate Health Patient Portal

Giving you the peace of mind that wherever you go, wherever you might need care, your healthcare professional will have the full picture of your health history.

Liberate Pro

Taking the lessons learned from Liberate Health improving the user experience and broadening the number of devices to include multiple platforms.

Get Connected With Us

The Liberate platform includes digital patient engagement tools that support healthcare professionals during the most important and time constrained encounters of the patient’s health journey.