About Us

Our Mission

The Liberate mission is to power and advance the engagement between clinicians, patients and healthcare stakeholders to improve health outcomes.

Our Vision

Our Vision for Liberate is to be the preeminent digital health engagement and education provider increasing knowledge and understanding to improve outcomes.

Our People

We are People Centric

We are made up of talented smart people and we appreciate idiosyncrasies.

We are Innovators

We were the first to recognize and develop a digital platform solution to successfully address health literacy in healthcare communications.

We are Inquisitive

We study people behavior and we leverage that understanding to provide our clients solutions that can change behavior.

We cherish Integrity

It is at the core of who we are and what we deliver.

Get Connected With Us

The Liberate platform includes digital patient engagement tools that support healthcare professionals during the most important and time constrained encounters of the patient’s health journey.